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Hiring Smart People and Dictating Them What to Do Makes No Sense. We Hire Professionals Who Tell Us What to Do.

A good manager understands:
- Good management is a way of achieving goals with limited resources. 
- Solving a problem by maintaining the same mindset and approach that caused it, is impossible. 
- The secret of success lies not under the decision made, but in the method that guided towards it. 

Accounting Support and Tax Consulting

ZORI ZORYAN - Accounting and Tax Consulting

Accounting and tax reporting is carried out by your organizational accountant. Afterwards, London Business Group specialists perform continuous testing of functions to ensure the accurateness and connectivity of your accounting.

This service aims to provide you with professional comprehensive and continuous accounting and tax consulting in the light of dynamically changing tax laws, reports and other documents, accounting standards requirements, and other professional legislative rules.

Who Needs this Service?
The organization that is interested in having high-quality accounting and tax reporting, and wants for the organizational accountant to receive systematic professional consulting during the activities performed.

Service Price
Service price is determined during a direct meeting with you. In all probability, the price will fluctuate between 35,000 AMD and 300,000 AMD.
Separate oral consulting is 10,000 AMD per hour, written work of an auditor is 20,000 AMD per hour.
Hourly service pay is significantly low when concluding a fixed-term consulting contract.

Despite accounting, tax reporting, and risk reduction, you receive a permanent and significant improvement of your accountant's qualification.

We help you manage better.

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