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The Law Requires Audit and Result Publications of

Large and medium-sized organizations that have exceeded any two of the following indicators at the end of the reporting year: 4 billion annual revenue, 2 billion of total assets, labor force quantity exceeded 100 people during the reporting period;
Foundations that exceeded 10 million of total assets at the end of the reporting year;
NGOs that have received funding of more than 10 million from the state;
Open joint-stock companies and other public or private organizations in accordance with RA law and other regulations.

Tax Audit

Special procedures performed by the audit organization concerning the review of accounting and tax reports of the business entity for the purpose of expressing an opinion ...
- When is it needed? Who needs it? And why? ...
- Price of the tax audit ...
- What do we give? ...
- As a result, You get ...

Voluntary Audit

This process is carried out by the decision of the shareholders or the organization management and aims to protect the interest of the shareholders, increase management efficiency, reduce the risk of fraud ...
- The price of voluntary audit ...

Mandatory Audit

Performed by the requirement of the law. Financial and audit reports are published on the RA public notice official website. After reading you will find out ... How to maintain RA legislation requirements, Prices of the mandatory audit, How it is useful for You ...

Accounting and Tax Reporting

You acquire confidence in fairness of your accounting and tax reporting, and that your interests will be safely protected even in spite of tax officers’ special eagerness, as well as in courts and other instances.

Accounting Services

- Accounting restoration
- Accounting management
- Accounting support and tax consulting
- How to choose your accounting company?
- For large customers

Legal Services

We undertake the consultation and representation of your interest in the process of legal support:
- Full legal service;
- Company establishment and registration;
- Representation of interests in courts (administrative, economic, work, etc.);
- Tax disputes settlements;
- Company dissolution;
- Consultation.

Our legal services ensure complete support and protection on favorable terms for you.

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