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Hiring Smart People and Dictating Them What to Do Makes No Sense. We Hire Professionals Who Tell Us What to Do.

A good manager understands:
- Good management is a way of achieving goals with limited resources. 
- Solving a problem by maintaining the same mindset and approach that caused it, is impossible. 
- The secret of success lies not under the decision made, but in the method that guided towards it. 

Accounting Outsourcing

Business cannot be managed effectively without accurate and timely accounting. At the same time, accounting is a voluminous, time-consuming, and complicated process requiring increased special attention, time, personnel, and resources. For those companies that don't want to be distracted from the core business activity by accounting issues or lack the time and resources to conducting their in-house accounting, it is often advantageous to contract out this activity to a specialized firm. Internationally, such delegation of powers is called "accounting outsourcing".

London Business Group is able to offer you an efficient outsourcing service to meet the accounting needs of your business.

  • Keeping all accounting and taxation records and books of account;
  • preparation and submission of accounting reports on a periodic basis, such as monthly
  • preparation of taxation reports.

We develop a tailor-made scheme of accounting service for each business, taking into consideration its professional activity and financial capacity.

A strategy is art without which business cannot be retained.

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