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Hiring Smart People and Dictating Them What to Do Makes No Sense. We Hire Professionals Who Tell Us What to Do.

A good manager understands:
- Good management is a way of achieving goals with limited resources. 
- Solving a problem by maintaining the same mindset and approach that caused it, is impossible. 
- The secret of success lies not under the decision made, but in the method that guided towards it. 

Accounting Services

Financial accounting is an integral part of modern business. All business activities of a company are reflected in accounting documents, therefore a proper, correct, and timely keeping of accounting records is vital for overall business success. Professionalism in keeping books, records, and accurate accounting reports enables the business to assess its financial performance on a regular and continuous basis; knowing where the business stands financially at any point in time enables more effective decision-making and forward planning can also increase its chances to successful achievement of long-term goals.

ANI KEROPHIAN - Accounting and Tax Consulting

London Business Group can help you with:

  • book-keeping, restoring and preparation of financial reports,
  • increasing the efficiency of accounting policies and,
  • accounting support tailor-made to the needs of your business

Our specialists are constantly updating their qualifications and knowledge and staying current with changes in the accounting and tax legislation of Armenia, as well as with international standards and practices.

London Business Group offers a wide range of accounting services:

  • Establishing in-house book-keeping at newly founded enterprises
  • Full accounting support (outsourcing)
  • Accounting support
  • Introduction of efficient managerial accounting methods
  • Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reports
  • Payroll, tax assessment, and payments to the Pension Fund
  • Consulting on the issues of financial accounting and taxation
  • Restoration of bookkeeping on the basis of original documents and correction of errors
  • Optimization of accounting methods, documents flow, and reporting
  • Assistance in transfer to automated financial accounting and book-keeping
  • Introduction of international standards of accounting, such as IAS and GAAP.

Our team will work out a tailor-made package of services designed to meet the specific needs of your business. London Business Group will be your reliable partner and will provide professional advice and support in financial, tax and management accounting.

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